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PURPOSE TO PROFIT SECRETS- How to Create a Purpose-Centered, High-Impact, Profitable, Personal Brand

March 12th | 11:00 am EDT | Show in my timezone

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Here is What You'll Learn

Purpose Discovery Hack

A very simple way to identify your life's purpose and the next steps to get crystal clarity on what to do.

Identify Your Ideal Customers Goals and Challenges

Understand the psychology of your customers and how to help them even before they ask for it.

Media HACK

How to quickly get high converting e-mail and blog headlines that can get you media exposure and earn you ideal paying customers

Getting Paid-Money Making Clarity Statement

Develop the exact words that will attract your ideal client who will value your work and pay you for the value of your purpose-centered services

Become An Engaging Content Genius

Learn the fastest way to generate content that will make sure you're loved, respected and paid, and 2 simple tools to generate irresistible content for your ideal customers


The 5 BIGGEST mistakes women entrepreneurs make when creating a personal brand around their PURPOSE


About Yetunde Taiwo-Shorters

Yetunde helps women entrepreneurs go from multiple-passion overwhelm to purpose clarity in record time, so they can attract and be attractive to their ideal client on social media, position themselves as celebrated experts in their industry and build a purpose centered, profitable personal brand. She helps women become best-selling authors and be featured in top media outlets like CBS, Entrepreneurs magazine, Forbes, Black Enterprise and more. This allows them to reach and impact their ideal customers and earn them profits confidently.

Yetunde is a Certified Master Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). A Certified Life Coach, Social and Emotional Intelligence Coach and Motivational Coach. She is a serial entrepreneur, 4-time amazon best-selling author, creator of ICY PR, Afropolitan Chef and Founder of ICY ACADEMY, With over 15 years of branding, pr/marketing experience and a bag full of resources, Yetunde uses her skills to help emerging entrepreneurs create value, save time and increase productivity. She has been featured on Elle Magazine, CBS, Zen Magazine, New African Woman, Genevieve and more.

March 12th
11:00 am EDT